Lecture Rehearsals: 3.1. Þe Great Depression

For 2021-09-30

3.1 The Great Depression


3.1.1 Lecture—Macro for Beginners

A history-of-economic-thought introduction to macroeconomics for beginners. Hopefully it will insulate readers against some of the stupidities we see in public discourse, and solidly ground basic truths (26:15):

Slides: <https://github.com/braddelong/public-files/blob/master/2021-09-30-lecture-3.1.1-macro-for-beginners.pptx>


3.1.2. Lecture—Setting the Stage for the Great Depression

How none of the exits from the Highway to Hell that meant that the Great Depression might have been avoided were taken (37:04):

Slides: <https://github.com/braddelong/public-files/blob/master/2021-09-30-lecture-3.1.2.pptx>

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3.1.3. Lecture—Sliding into the Great Depression

The Great Contraction over 1929-1933, and how it was different and differentially severe in different places (24:07):

Slides: <https://github.com/braddelong/public-files/blob/master/2021-09-30-lecture-3.1.3.pptx>

3.1.4. Lecture—The Course of Recovery

Why recovery from the Great Depression was so extraordinarily slow and, yes, incredibly uneven and partial—up until World War II (29:54):

Slides: <https://github.com/braddelong/public-files/blob/master/2021-09-30-lecture-3.1.4.pptx>

3.1.5. Lecture—A Market Economy Made for (Hu)man(ity)?

Where the global north was, institutionally and intellectually, with respect to the big questions of political economy in the late 1930s and early 1940s (32:20):

Slides: <https://github.com/braddelong/public-files/blob/master/2021-09-30-lecture-3.1.5.pptx>


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