SOCIAL MEDIA: Taking þe Temperature of Twitter: 2021-01-27 Tu

Twitter has always been absolute s--- at aggregation tools. & that is one of the things that makes it so effective at keeping people inside its walled garden. Aggregation tools allow you to step b...

…ack, evaluate, and assess. So I am going to see if I can use SubStack to try to do that:

I always see myself on Twitter as a pig digging for truffles. Here’s what I have found: What have the Trumpists been doing with COVID? So James Bennet was a toxic boss at the Atlantic as well as at the New York Times? The Gamestop corner. The media-assisted downward spiral of the Republican Party into pure Trumpist fascism. Marx, corners, & bubbles. America’s racist past is not dead: it is not even past. I still believe in a place called Hope:

What have the Trumpists been doing with COVID? & now the vaccine doses: have they been kicking them off the truck & selling them? (UNVERIFIED):

Eric Feigl-Ding: CONCERNING—Millions of doses of #COVID19 vaccine shipped by Trump WH/HHS are missing. Nobody knows why yet. Biden coronavirus task force have spent first days in office working overtime to solve puzzle. So far, one hasn’t emerged. (by @ErinBanco)…

David Leonhardt Jun 29, 2020: The current outbreak in the U.S. looks like nothing in any other rich country:…

Mallory Harris: After spending last year encouraging governments to intentionally infect us for the sake of herd immunity, Scott Atlas & the three GBD authors are advising an organization that's telling people COVID19 infection is safer than the vaccine.…

So James Bennet was a toxic boss at the Atlantic as well as at the New York Times? (VERIFIED):

Eyes on the Prize: Ugh, toxic. It's amazing how toxic one person can make a work environment and how reluctant management is to do anything about it.

Peter Sterne: Former Atlantic managing editor writes about abusive workplace under her boss, James Bennet (who later went on to run the NYT opinion page, until being pushed out after publishing Tom Cotton's "send in the troops" op-ed)

I Left My Career in Prestige Media Because of the Shitty Men in Charge and They Are Still In…: I had the plumb job. The top of the masthead of one of the most prestigious and respected publications with more than a 150-year-old…

The Gamestop corner (VERIFIED):

Neil Irwin: Trying to make sense of the Gamestop thing as a 42 year old who has covered econ and markets for 20 years, I feel like Don Draper sitting back and trying to listen to the Beatles, then giving up after a short while, confused and discomfited.

Charlie Bilello: GameStop's market cap is now above $17 billion, up 13x on the year. $GME…

Shaan Puri: to be clear. This has nothing to do with gamestop as a business. They are just a piece of rope being used in a tug of war between internet nerds and wall st suits. the rally cry on r/wallstreet bets: "we can remain retarded for longer than they can stay solvent!"

Eric Balchunas: THEY DID IT: $GME was the most traded equity on the planet today w/ $20b in volume, more than $SPY, $AAPL and even the Mighty $TSLA. Surreal.

The media-assisted downward spiral of the Republican Party into pure Trumpist fascism (VERIFIED):

Charlie Sykes: What’s the GOP’s Excuse Now?: ‘The surrender enters a new phase…. On Tuesday all but five GOP senators (the usual suspects: Romney, Sasse, Murkowski, Collins, and Toomey) voted for a motion to declare a second Trump trial unconstitutional because he has already left office. That vote seems to make Trump’s second acquittal a forgone conclusion, but it also reflected the GOP’s broader refusal to quit Trump… LINK:

“The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you’re already dead,” the Republican congressman from Illinois says.

Frances Langum: Their 2020 "platform" said it all. No platform except support for Trump. OMG there's even a typo in the second "resolved.",_2020…

Paul Loop: The Republican Party can't `move on' from the twitterless Trump because they are identical. There is no non-Trumpian conservativism held in abeyance during his mad reign. There is only a lawless, nihilistic, feverish, idea-less ball of greed and id financed by Dark Money.

David Frum: I've often wondered whether a reason Canadian politics has been more moderate in the 21st c than UK, US, or Australian politics is that there are no Murdoch-owned media properties in Canada.

Brad DeLong: 'Live long, & prosper!': Replying to @Atrios and @AlexWardVox: I guess the lesson is that Ezra and Matt's hopes for vox—that it would work for its readers rather than for the insular Washington press community—are now dead? I mean, if Alex Ward aligns himself with Steve Doocy & claims he is there to ask "legitimate questions", all is lost...

Scott Greer: So take @dziblatt 's point that conservative parties defend democracy when the people in the party who think they do best in a democracy control the party Add exit-voice-loyalty, in which it seems those people are exiting the R party You get something really dangerous.

Manu Raju: New - GOP senators, rocked by Portman’s retirement, looking to see who else may be eyeing the exits. Shelby, Grassley, Thune wouldn’t divulge 2022 plans, while Ron Johnson says he’s undecided. "I think this place is horribly dysfunctional,” Johnson says.…

Sissy is Embarrassed By Shih Tzu Say: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will have 'conversation' with Marjorie Taylor Greene & ask her to keep her murder plots secretive in the future.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will have 'conversation' with Marjorie Taylor Greene after her... Rep. Greene repeatedly expressed support on social media for assassinating leading Democrats prior to being elected.

Marx, corners, & bubbles:

tyson brody: Marx literally played with stocks instead of working and justified it to his friends like so many modern posters

America’s racist past is not dead: it is not even past:

Glenn Fleishman: Show this every month to white kids as they grow up.

The Black Detour: Traveling while Black: Never pay with a $20

I still believe in a place called Hope:

Janet Yellen: Economics isn’t just something you find in a textbook. It can be a potent tool to right past wrongs and improve people’s lives. That’s why so many of Treasury’s 84,000 public servants joined the Department. Today, I am proud to be one of them.

Vice President Kamala Harris: Today I swore in @JanetYellen as @USTreasury Secretary. Secretary Yellen is a trailblazer, whose deep commitment to working families will be essential as we confront the urgent economic challenges facing the American people.…