9. Henry Farrell: The Correct Way to Argue with Richard Hanania: ‘Race-IQ Science is lurking in the "Let's Suppose"…

Yes! very much. Kudos. Good logic will keep taking you to awful places until you learn to recognize the faulty premise or see what's in the "Let's Suppose."

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8. George Orwell (1937): The Road to Wigan Pier:

That's a must-read.

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Haldane 1: Insurance against supply chain disruption requires diversification of suppliers which might include but would in no way be exclusively to domestic suppliers.

Haldane 2: DeLong hit all the right notes earlier on how to think about slowing China’s military development while not slowing its economic development, from which we like the rest of the world can benefit from.

Haldane 3: But how does one identify which industries will have the greatest mutually beneficial externalities? Anything beyond producing goods with externalities – carbon free energy production and storage, those particularly hobbled by regulation plus eliminating investment draining fiscal deficits with progressive consumption taxes?

Haldane 4: No amount of opprobrium is too much for rightwing opponents of net taxation of CO2, but It is also true that environmental activists and pundits have not been beating that drum, either.

Support for child rearing: I think we were close enough to a CTC in ARA, thwarted only by Progressive refusal to accept some symbolic work requirements. All that is needed is the political courage to create a VAT for this and other social insurance spending.

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