There is certainly an interesting book to be written about how neoliberalism in practice (fiscal deficits that did not finance public investments with NPV>1 and failure to recruit millions of high-skilled immigrants) failed to prepare the US for the rise of China and (no tax on net CO2 emissions) failed to prepare the world for the damage from CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.

Frankly I do not see it fitting very comfortably into "Slouching." As Kent says below. make that your NEXT book.

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"Republicans May Not Be Able to Stop Biden’s Agenda"

Depends on the agenda. I'd love to see an agenda of "inflation fighting" tax increases (including at least a nose-in-the-tent tax on net CO2 emissions) softened with a child tax credit and dare the Republicans to stop it.

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Bloomberg buried the lede.

Binance Data Shows 40% of Major Holdings Are BUSD, BNB

Bloomberg 11/11/2022

Binance Holdings’ major crypto token holdings include $74.7 billion worth of coins, of which around 40% are in its branded stablecoin and native coin, according to data compiled by Nansen based on information from the world’s largest digital-asset exchange.

Of the $74.6 billion termed as net worth, about $23 billion was in the BUSD stablecoin, issued by Paxos, and $6.4 billion in its Binance Coin, according to Nansen. The exchange also has 10.5% of its major token holdings in Bitcoin and 9.8% in Ether, Nansen data shows. In a Nov. 10 blog post, Binance said its disclosure of holdings was a “snapshot” of major token holdings and “starting point,” and that more data will be shared later in a “full audited report.” While Binance shared details of its reserves, the dashboard does not break down how much of the assets are its own holdings, versus those of its customers.

Review that last sentence.

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At least with tulips, you could have pretty flowers.

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Steer: Comments on and predictions about inflation that do not explicitly mention Fed policy are useless.

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"Slouching tiger..." That's good.

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Jeremy Wallace suggests your next book:

China boom's influence on Western political economic thought.

China's turn to neo-Maoism (unrecognized in West) and self-destruction.

China's collapse/isolation is historically unprecedented, portents & prophecies.

I hear horror stories from Chinese in the US, which they read from cryptic WeChat's from family. But those with friends, family, or business in China can't write this book because of fear of retaliation. You can. This is part history, part economics, and part forecast.

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