Fun trivia I just learned that you can footnote for your 2nd edition of Slouching. In 1913, Wittgenstein, Hitler, Stalin, Tito, Trotsky, Freud and Jung were living in Vienna.

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Lots of interesting things today - Quiggin being not the least. I'll touch on two others.

A good line, one unfortunately mostly absent from such discussions:

"If you hit a wall in your explorations now, it likely won’t exist sometime in the next year. "

Rather oversimplified, but how could it not be? I probably spent decades looking at dynamic objects as if they were static till that finally sank in. [Of course this then opens the hype window pretty wide.]

Meanwhile, at the level of user experiences, I'm sitting here looking at this on one of the virtual desktops on my macbook pro (on my lap, indeed) with the browser filling the screen, and as usual I seem to be an edge case for much of the discussion.

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