I'm not a monocausal guy, but the antidemocratic rage is deeply linked to masculinity. Fascism has long included a cult of virility, but today's problems are worse. Rich countries don't need much upper-body strength, and women seem far better acculturated to modern workforces. (This includes the military.) Men still rule the top of the roost, but they're losing everywhere else--and the losers are ANGRY! Men are taking over the traditional destabilizing role of the underemployed overeducated, with an additional direct dollop of violence.

I can't offer much in the way of solutions, although more infrastructure--with associated construction--might help. (Cf. Japan.) It is also noteworthy that the gendered rage is mostly associated with white men. But keep in mind that it is not just class--the rage is very, very gendered.

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Well, we do geld 95% of all of the other male mammals we have in our civilization...

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