The Macaulay piece quote is timely. I've been reading Peter Turchin's 'War and Peace and War' and he really buys into the (Republican) Rome solidarity thing.

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I can't help it -- I like Horatius at the Bridge.

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"timid in not aggressively going after every corner of TrumpWorld for its corruption,"

I did like the idea of packing the visitor galleries in Congress with the Jim Jordan's assault victims, 1/6 victims during votes on Jordan as Speaker.

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"there was a golden age of comity, common purpose, and energy in the left-of-center political sphere back in 2005 to 2008"

It sure didn't get us a tax on net CO2 emissions, merit based immigration, or even revenue increases to reduce deficits.

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I had this thought while listening to the podcast: Butler is wrong in the sense that it is not Trump the Democrats ought to go after, but rather the people who idolize him: crooked cops, exploitative bankers, bigoted real estate brokers, etc. There would be real material benefits for people already predisposed to vote for Democrats and it would feel like substantive action on matters of social justice.

I'm not saying that necessarily realistic, of course. It's just what went through my head and I wanted to share.

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Oct 12, 2023·edited Oct 12, 2023

Well of course Biden is corrupt. He's been in politics for 50 years. He represented a state known for blatantly favoring corporations over people. So the issue is not is Biden corrupt. The issue is how corrupt is he compared to other politicians? And compared to Trump his corruption is quite minor.

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Off topic, but I'd like some good ecumenic historian who is also a good economist, ... say Brad DeLong, to write a series (a few books?) on what the Ancients should have done differently to increase GDP/capita, until Malthus caught up.

Eliminate the bread subsidy in Rome and Constantinople?

Be more intentional with allowing barbarians to enter/settle?

Paper fiat money?

Spend more on infrastructure and the Army and less on gladiatorial games?

Head tax on slave owning?

Babylonian Caliphate, Fatimid Egypt, X Dynasty China, etc. mutatis mutandis.

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Couldn't we at least have a crappy AI transcript? :)

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