I'm not an economist, so the middle drifted for me quite a bit, but the key insights were worth the fog, in particular...

1 - The sabbath was made for man not man for the sabbath... and the market was made for man, not man for the market. It's a great reminder that so much is made by us for us (BUFU?) and that we are not bound to it, though it carried us here.

2 I also created an edited version of the insight around carefulness in debate...

“The particular language in which we carry out debate is often extremely poorly suited to shed light. We care deeply, we write angrily, and decades later it may look mostly like drivel. So: whenever you are having a discussion, if you want to learn or teach anything, first do this: try hard to figure out what issues really are, and then try hard to figure out what is the right language to talk about these issues.”

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URL for Solow Stiglitz article is incorrect. (It is missing the last digit and leads to a moderately interesting article on rationality and natural selection.) Correct URL is https://www.jstor.org/stable/1879599

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