Really enjoying these, wishing I had time to read all the material I need to understand everything.

I don't know that Cory Doctorow every really addressed one of the things I thought Noah was trying to get at which is essentially the problem of the Big Lie and the ability to create an epistemically closed media world in which that is the accepted truth. The crowd-sourced moderation that mandated interoperability might provide could protect other people from online attacks. It doesn't seem to prevent large numbers of people from physically showing up to overthrow the government because they've whole-heartedly chosen to believe in a fantasy world constructed in their own digital enclave.

One suggestion on the mechanics of the recordings -- at times it sounds a bit like a Zoom meeting where people are talking over each other a lot. There's also a lot of "uh-huh", "yeah" kind of responses from the interviewers that are helpful in a one-on-one conversation but don't work for an audience not present at the time of the recording. The "uh-huhs" just get in the way of hearing what the speaker is saying.

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A fascinating discussion, thanks

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