I had watched this earlier in the day. The only things missing were the strawberries and the steel marbles in his pocket.

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That's a bit unfair to Queeg: Lt. Greenwald implied in his farewell to the Caine officers that Queeg could have done an OK job if they had supported him from the beginning, but he wasn't tough enough to handle it when they didn't. Having worked with mentally ill people I'm not sure that's true, but Greenwald was the smartest character in the novel and that was his analysis. Trump has less than zero chance of commanding anything other than his bathtub toys.

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“When the facts are on your side, pound the facts. When the law is on your side, pound the law. When neither is on you side, pound the table.” Alternatively, defecate all over the podium.

Musk offered many supportive statements of Trump after the trial. The Blight is expanding.

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Someone on the Internet said, (that's to avoid a charge of plagiarism. I don't remember where.) something like "joe biden has to be a lincoln or an fdr in a speech but if he gave one speech like any Trump speech, it would be all over the headlines 

Actually he would be finished.

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Will any mainstream major medium use the word "incoherent?"

First screen on web site:

NYT "Trump Spews False Claims and Fury in Wake of Conviction"

WaPo "From Trump Tower lobby, a gusher of falsehoods about the trial"

LA Times paywalled

Dallas Morning News no mention of rant

USA today no mention

NY Post no mention

Tampa Bay times no mention

Chicago Tribune headline on front page to off page article "Trump delivers rambling response to guilty verdict, falsely blasting ‘rigged trial,’ slamming Cohen"

Newsday Trump, in defiant speech, vows to appeal conviction in hush money trial

Minneapolis Star Tribune headline on front screen scrolled way down to off page article Trump tries to move past his guilty verdict by attacking the criminal justice system

So would anyone know how cray cray the speech was?

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A record amount of lies manufactured per second. This should be rereleased with subtitle factchecks to show what utter garbage he is speweing.

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Jun 1·edited Jun 1

Best way to get through most videos: turn off audio, turn on subtitles/closed captions, and play at 2x speed. Similarly I never listen to podcasts and only read their transcripts. Takes less time.

One of Trump's main problems (besides being a little stupid and mentally unsound) is that he always "dials it up to eleven" (and cannot realize how much this stridency repels non-supporters). So when he needs to make extra emphasis, he sputters into extreme use of the same catchphrases.

Prediction: previous polling suggests that after this conviction, Trump could lose at least 2 to 4 points in the polls. We won't have firm numbers for another 10 days to 2 weeks. But, if that happens, some of his big money donors could start to withhold their support. Those guys want tax cuts, not to pay a loser's half-billion in legal bills. And if THAT happens, we could see a minor movement to replace Trump at the GOP convention in 6 weeks.

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I thought it oddly subdued, considering the source.

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Worse than the Marginal Revolution comments section! :)

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