Sleepwalking into History

& BRIEFLY NOTED: FOR 2022-02-24 Th: I confess I had not expected that the grand narrative of the 21st century would have to find a place within itself for the return of major-power (i.e., not civil) war. From 1870 on there had been a social darwinist current in the forces pushing for war—nations deprived of their rightful access to resources, proletarian nations rather than proletarian classes, for whom both a test of their fitness and thus evolutionary prowess and also their rights to fair distribution required that they start the laughter of the guns. Yet it was so, until 1945. As Max Weber, a pro-democracy German liberal of his day, put it back before World War I, the struggle between nations was primary <>. As it was then, so it is now, especially for Weimar Muscovy, National Hinduist India, and Willemine China. 

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