"Competition policy typically opposes companies sharing information with each other…. [But] sharing data among firms is essential to reducing waste, increasing energy efficiency across supply chains, enabling autonomous-vehicle adoption and efficient transport management, "

And why do films have to share information to reduce CO2 emissions "across supply chains?"

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good question! It’s more “share technologies” than “share information”, I think...

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I agree that the Fed is going too far in squeaking out the EXCESS inflation that IT CAUSED by starting to tighten too late and too cautiously in 2021. [I see no reason for today's rate hike except that it had been quasi-announced. Bad Fed! Never announce future setting of policy instruments.]

OTOH even if the Fed does tip up into recession, why will that mean stagflation? Doesn't stagflation occur only when some important subset of relative are not reduced by inflation (as for instance expectations entrenched wage price spiral?) Isn't the greater danger another bout of inadequate inflation like 2008-2020?

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"Maintaining a global trade-and-development system aimed at helping the world gallop toward peace-and-prosperity? Or grabbing the lion’s share of the gains from new technologies for one’s own people?"

Exactly why is this a dilemma? It’s not as if we even know HOW to grab the lions share for new technologies, much less that the only way to do so is not maintaining a global trade and development system aimed at helping the world gallop toward peace-and-prosperity?

And I don’t see the problem in just throwing resources at R&D. [Easy for me to say as for me the results are collective consumption! 😊] And we CAN make it highly lucrative to invest in processes that reduce net emissions of CO2.

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