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PODCAST: Hexapodia LVI: Economic Development: Oks & Williams, Rodrik & Stiglitz

PODCAST: Hexapodia LVI: Economic Development: Oks & Williams, Rodrik & Stiglitz

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Key Insights:

  1. Young whippersnappers Oks and Williams are to be commended for being young, and whippersnapperish—but we disagree with them.

  2. Contrary to what Brad thought, the fertility transition in Africa really has resumed.

  3. The problem of how you provide mass employment for people is different than the problem of how you increase your economy’s productivity by building knowledge capital, infrastructure, and other forms of human capital.

  4. It is important to keep those straight and distinguished in your mind.

  5. Commodity exporting should be viewed as a distinct development strategy from industrialization, and indeed from everything else.

  6. Sometime during the plague, Brad DeLong really did turn into a grumpy old man yelling at clouds. It's time that he should own that.

  7. People should take another look at the pace of South and Southeast Asian economic development. It is a very different world than it was 25 years ago.

  8. Thus if you are basing your view on memories of or on books written based on memories of how things were 25 years ago, you are going to get it wrong. BIGTIME wrong.

  9. Only the Federal Reserve can get away with saying “it’s context dependent”. All the rest of us have to put forward Grand Narratives—false as they all are—if we want to actually be useful.

  10. Hexapodia

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