Jul 25, 2021 • 40M

PODCAST: “Hexapodia” Is þe Key Insight XXIII: Antitrust

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Key Insights:

  • There are a great many reasons to fear that the rise of industrial and post-industrial economic concentration is doing serious harm to the market economy’s (limited) ability to function as an efficiency-promoting societal calculating mechanism.

  • None of these have yet been nailed down.

  • But the neo-Brandeisians will have their chance because of the striking misbehavior of the tech platforms, which have thought too much about how to glue their users’ eyeballs to the screen so they can be sold ads and too little about how to make users and others happy and comfortable with their business models.

  • That is, the neo-Brandeisians will have their chance to the extent that they are not blocked by justices who know little of the law and less of economics.

  • Hexapodia!


&, of course:

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