PODCAST: "Hexapodia" Is þe Key Insight XVIII: Þe Ecology of Innovation

Starring Bill Janeway; Noah Smith & Brad DeLong's 30:00 < [Length of Weekly Podcast] < 60:00



Key Insights:

  • There is a four-day creative-destruction festschrift for Philippe Aghion & Peter Howitt starting June 9: The Economics of Creative Destruction <https://zoom.us/j/98595732585>

  • When industrial policy in America has been successful, it has always had a profound political driving motive: maintaining independence, manifest destiny, Sputnik, and so on. The only such driver today—and it is urgent—is green energy to fight global warming…

  • The U.S. used to be excellent not just on the “novelty” prong of Breznitz’s prosperity-in-an-unforgiving-world quadent, but also on the “engineering design”, “second-generation innovation”, and “production-assembly” prongs as well. We threw that away in the era Reagan began—the era of neoliberalism, financialization-driven short-termism, and tax cut-driven exchange overvaluation. We need to get those other three prongs back, lest we become a country of technoprinces and dopamine-loop brain-hacked technoserfs…

  • When you do industrial policy, you need to think very carefully about what kind of economy you want to create…

  • A better retranslation of the Arkhilokhos-Isaiah Berlin “Fox & Hedgehog” tag line is: “The fox knows many tricks; the hedgehog knows one good one…”

  • Hexapodia!

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