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PODCAST: Hexapodia VIII: Þe China Syndrome!

PODCAST: Hexapodia VIII: Þe China Syndrome!

Five key insights: Hexapodia!, of course. Also: listen to Dan Wang & to Barry Eichengreen, China's slowing migration to the coast looks like a significant error, & China looks not that different...

…from the rest of coastal East Asia when looked at in comparative context:

Today Noah Smith & Brad DeLong talk about China, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, Wilhelmine Germany before WWI, & other topics. The key insights are: (1) we need to get Dan Wang on this podcast; (2) in the context of coastal East Asia after WWII, it does not look as though China has any special economic development sauce—it’s just so huge—(3) China’s land-policy slowdown of migration to the coast has made its economic development significantly slower, (4) Barry Eichengreen with his theories of middle-income growth slowdown looks very wise, and (5) hexapodia!


Regional Income Levels in China Today:

The Coast-Interior Divergence:

China Not That Special in Coastal East-Asian Context—Except for Being Very Large Indeed:

If anything, it is distinguished by its late takeoff:

The Three Chinas:

A 50-Million Malaysia, a 300-Million Thailand, and a 1-Billion Vietnam All Mashed Together:

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