PODCAST: "Hexapodia" Is þe Key Insight XVII: What Will the Jobs of the Future Be Like?

Noah Smith & Brad DeLong's 30:00 < [Length of Weekly Podcast] < 60:00. We get nerdier! Be warned!



Key Insights:

  • Brad cannot, in fact, reliably and accurately multiply two-digit numbers in his head…

  • When people comment on twitter that we are a nerdy podcast, we respond by going nerdier..

  • If we get an relatively egalitarian income distribution, the care-centered service economy will give us at least as many interesting jobs to do in the future as we could possibly want—at least for “future” meaning “next two hundred years”…

  • Who controls the consumption spending decisions is key to answering the question of what the future of work will be like: it really matters whether it is a few rich people, a broad base of humanity, or the robots…

  • The market economy is very efficient at crowdsourcing solutions to and then organizing the implementation of the problems that it sets itself. But the major problem the market economy sets itself is how to maximize the amount of necessities, conveniences, and luxuries delivered to the people who control valuable property rights who think they need stuff.

  • Hexapodia!

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