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Happy New Year!

Thinking About Adam Tooze’s Take on þe Absolute Decline of Britain, & BRIEFLY NOTED

Þe New Inflation Picture

Paul Seabright: Review of “Slouching Towards Utopia” for the TLS

Why Oh Why Can’t We Have a Better Press Corps?: Yet Another Semafor/New York Times Edition, & BRIEFLY NOTED

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2022-12-27 Tu

Do Buzzwords Attack?

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

MICROBLOGGING: Were I McCarthy, I would move to elect by plurality, & see what happens...

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2022-12-24 Sa

A High Five for Team The-Fed-Has-Got-This

READING: Tristan Bove: Why You Should Be Happy About Inflation & Worried About Something Else, Top Economist Brad DeLong Says

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2022-12-23 Fr

Perhaps Stochastic Parrots Are Somewhat Intentional?

Michael Hiltzik INTERVIEW on “Slouching Towards Utopia"

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2022-12-22 Th

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2022-12-21 We

Once Again, Far-Left Meets Far-Right: Adherents to the Party of Killer Robots & Kleptocracy

PROJECT SYNDICATE: When the Fed Stops Trying

The Long 20th Century Comes to a Shuddering End: In Foreign Policy

When Will Interest Rates Stop Rising? Now Would Be Good

Tristan Bove: Interviews Brad DeLong

Nick Lichtenberg: Interviews Brad DeLong in Fortune

PODCAST: “Hexapodia” is þe Key Insight! XLV: Information Goods & þe Measurement of Economic Growth, wiþ Special Guest John Quiggin

Elon Musk Does Not Look Like He Is Rage-Tweeting to Me…, & BRIEFLY NOTED

Interview: Dylan Matthews at “Vox"

Interview: With James Ledbetter at “The Observer"

Annie Lowrey: Interview/Profile in “The Atlantic"

Ryan Avent: Review of “Slouching Towards Utopia” from “The Bellows"

Timothy Noah: Review of “Slouching Towards Utopia” in “The New Republic"

Ryan Avent: Review of “Slouching Towards Utopia” in “The Economist"

ChatGPT Is NOT Going to Replace Google!, BRIEFLY NOTED

Contra Vince Reinhart: The Fed Has Done Very Well Indeed!, & BRIEFLY NOTED:

READING: W.B. Yeats: “The Second Coming"

Twitter on Fire!, & BRIEFLY NOTED

LECTURE NOTES: 75,000 Years of Human Population & Average Income, & BRIEFLY NOTED

DAY 2: LECTURE NOTES: 1.2. Numerical Guesses at þe Quantitative Picture of Long-Run Economic Growth

In Which Long-Time Netizen & Programmer-at-Arms Dave Winer Records a Podcast for Me, Personally

READING: Noah Smith Interviews Ezra Klein

Industrial Strategy for a Rich, Leading-Edge, Economy, & BRIEFLY NOTED

Small People Dealing wiþ Looming Fascism, BRIEFLY NOTED

Our Ancestors Thought We'd Build an Economic Paradise. Instead We Got 2022

READING: Friedrich Engels: “Socialism: Utopian & Scientific”: Chapter 3

John Quiggin on þe End of Neoliberalism, & BRIEFLY NOTED:

DAY 1: LECTURE NOTES: 1. Introduction: 1.1. Five Questions Surrounding the Identification of 1870 as the Hinge of History

Reading Will MacAskill’s What We Owe the Future, & BRIEFLY NOTED

Possible? Introduction to “History of Economic Growth”, & BRIEFLY NOTED

Vienna as þe Crossroads...

PODCAST: "Hexapodia" is þe Key Insight! XLIV: R&D & Industrial Resarch Labs

REVIEW: John Quiggin Reviews “Slouching Towards Utopia” & “The Chile Project”

Þe "Washington Post" Decides Þt It No Longer Has to Fear þe Blogosphere. Do Hijinks Ensue?, & BRIEFLY NOTED

PODCAST: Sidwell Friends School

Þe Forlorn Hope Þt Was, & BRIEFLY NOTED

While We Were Living Our Lives, the Cyberpunk Future Became Our Present, & BRIEFLY NOTED

I Am on Tracy Alloway & Joe Weisenthal’s Great Odd Lots Podcast This AM!, & BRIEFLY NOTED

But GDP Is the Palpable Economy Aggregated!, & BRIEFLY NOTED

Matt Klein Has a Very Nice Review & Critique of Slouching Towards Utopia

REVIEW by Matt Klein of "Slouching Towards Utopia"

Inequality Continues to Flummox Us: The 2022 U.C. Berkeley Stone Lecture

Stone Lecture: Inequality Continues to Flummox Us...

READING: Edmund Wilson on Leon Trotsky

Old-Style Blogging Should Be New Again!, & BRIEFLY NOTED

“Þey Knew Þey Were Pilgrimes, & Looked Not Much on Þose things, But Lift Up Þeir Hyes to þe heavens, Þeir Dearest Cuntrie…”, & BRIEFLY NOTED

The Roosevelt Institute-New Republic Felicia Wong-Michael Tomasky “How to Save a Country” Podcast, & BRIEFLY NOTED

Grey Area Podcast wiþ Host Sean Illing, & BRIEFLY NOTED

Another Excellent & Thoughtful Review of Slouching: Adam Gurri, & BRIEFLY NOTED

In Which I Quibble wiþ Paul Krugman, &

Ten More Days to Decide What I Should Say at My Stone Lecture, &

PODCAST: "Hexapodia" is þe Key Insight! XLIII: Crypto Fraud! Edition

DRAFT: Talk on “Grand Narratives” & “Slouching Towards Utopia"

Hegemony Ending: One of the Ends of the Long 20th Century, &

“We’re Þe New York Times! & We Must Write Something! But We Don’t Know Anything! & We Won’t Learn! & We’re Scared to Say Anything!”, &

Quantum Financial Suicide, SBF, & FTX, &

Mitch McConnell as Republican Leader, &

Erratum: “Differential” Should Be “Deferential”

“Slouching” Erratum: “Humans Have Coevolved wiþ Culture & Geography”: First Edition p. 377

“Slouching” Omission: Social Trust & Economic Prosperity: First Edition p. 346

“Slouching” Omission: Explaining þe Slowdown in Global-North Productivity: First Edition p. 487

“Slouching” Erratum: Misdating Hobsbawm’s “Age of Extremes": First Edition p. 577

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2022-11-11 Fr

Components of þe Grand Narrative of þe 21st Century: Global Warming, & China Stands Up

The Old Story: The Fall of Sam Bankman-Fried, &

“Slouching” Omission: Mishandling þe Theme of þe Industrial Research Laboratory: First Edition p. 2

“Slouching” Omission: Missing References to the “Varieties of Capitalism” Literature: First Edition p. 6

A Lesson on How I Should Read the Political News, &

“Slouching” Erratum: Dalian Is in Liaoning, Not Shandong: First Edition p. 134

“Slouching" Semi-Erratum: Milton Friedman’s Monetary Framework: First Edition p. 401

“Slouching” Omission: The ca. 1870 Coming of the Modern State wiþ Its Organizational & Regulatory Capacities. First Edition p. 3

“Slouching” Semi-Erratum: What Was the Logic of the “Prussian Way of War”? First Edition p. 158.

“Slouching” Book Sales, & You Should Read About a Woman Called “Toad”, &

REVIEW: Jeremy Wallace: Slouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (of Neoliberalism)

Þe Annual Stone Lecture: "Slouching Towards Utopia"

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: Homer, Odysseus, Emily Wilson, David Drake

A Positive Narrative for a Global Future, &

DeLong on Stephanomics

Timothy Burke: REVIEW of “Slouching Towards Utopia"

Ezra Klein Show Highlights

REVIEW of Jacob Soll: “Free Market: Þe History of an Idea”, &

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2022-11-03 Th

Brad DeLong & Andrew Kelly: Why Have We Not Reached Utopia?

Alan Blinder’s Monetary & Fiscal History, &

Development, & Colonization, External & Internal, &

Market, Barter, Blat, & Plan, &

These People Have Jobs?: Law & Twitter Department, &

No, Recessions Are Not “Functional”, &

DRAFT: Review of Alan Blinder: "A Monetary & Fiscal History of þe United States"

Wait! What? What just happened to Facebook?, &

DRAFT: Review of Nouriel Roubini: Megathreats: Ten Dangerous Trends Þt Imperil Our Future, & How to Survive Þem

What Should My Follow-Up Book Be?, &

READING: Kwasi Kwarteng: The Growth Plan 2022 speech

A Semi-Platonic Dialogue on “Slouching Towards Utopia” with Timothy Burke

READING: Tim Burke’s Review of “Slouching Towards Utopia"

In “Þhe Market vs. Social Justice”, Remember Þt þe Ruling View of Social Justice Is Often (Usually?) Very Unjust Indeed

I Had Thought þe Twitter-Merger Drama Was Over?, &

READING: Phil Coggan Review of Jake Soll: “Free Market: The History of an Idea"

The Best “Slouching Towards Utopia” Event I Have Done Is Now Lost to History… Tears in the Rain...

What Just Happened to Hu Jintao?

It’s Not Just Going to Be Art; It Is Going to Be Words as Well, &

Recalling Rana Faroohar’s Review of Gary Gerstle’s “The Rise & Fall of the Neoliberal Order”, &

Yes, History Goes Barrelling Along—or Perhaps Continues Its Circle…

READING: Kindleberger on Bernanke

Alan Blinder’s Monetary & Fiscal History, &

What Can America Learn From Its Past Bouts of Inflation?

Of þe Rings of Power, & þe Second Age: RECOMMENDED, &

Ben Friedman: REVIEW of “Slouching Towards Utopia” for “Harvard Magazine"

Patrick Luciani: REVIEW of “Slouching Towards Utopia"

Dietz Vollrath: REVIEW of “Slouching Towards Utopia” at GrowthEcon

Scott Sumner: REVIEW of “Slouching Towards Utopia"

More Musings on Keynes-as-Conservative, &

Alexandra Petri: Famous quotes, the way a woman would have to say them during a meeting

Tim Noah: Review of “Slouching” for TNR

Ryan Avent: Reviews of “Slouching” at The Economist and The Bellows

Paul Seabright: Review or “Slouching” for þe TLS

Steve Donoghue: REVIEW of “Slouching” at Open Letters Review

David Chance: REVIEW of “Slouching” at

Zach Carter: Review of “Slouching Towards Utopia” for “Dissent"

"Slouching Towards Utopia” PRESENTATION at the LSE

Slouching Towards Utopia INTERVIEW wiþ Gillian Tett at the RSA

This Week’s British-Launch Events, &

Mike Pesca: Interviews Brad DeLong About “Slouching Towards Utopia"

READING: Dietz Vollrath REVIEW of “Slouching Towards Utopia"

The IMF-World Bank Fall Meetings Are Upon Us!

Be Data Dependent!

The Next Semester Is Not That Far Away...

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: Lee Atwater, Lyndon Johnson, Sam Rayburn, and Joseph Bailey...

READING: Rana Faroohar’s Review of Gary Gerstle’s “The Rise & Fall of the Neoliberal Order"

This Weekend’s Slouching News and Reviews, &

Lessons from "Slouching Towards Utopia" for Today?, &

Twitter vs. Musk: Trapping the Chaos Monkey, &

Hoisted from My Archives: Me on the Idiotic Todd Henderson, from 2010

Hoisted from Oþer People’s Archives: Michael O’Hare on þe Idiotic Todd Henderson, from 2010

Michael Hiltzik Interview on “Slouching Towards Utopia”, &

Zach Carter REVIEWS “Slouching” for “Dissent”, &

The Long 20th Century Comes to a Shuddering End, &

Davis Kedrosky Has Smart Things to Say About “Slouching", &

When the Fed Stops Trying, &

Chris Matthews: Interviews Brad DeLong on Barron’s Live

The James Altucher Show: Slouching Towards Utopia

“Slouching Towards Utopia”: Has capitalism's economic miracle run out of steam

Þere Are Now 250-Basis Points of Long-Term Monetary Tightening Þt Have Not Yet Hit þe Economy, &

Amazon Editor’s Pick: Best History; & Adam Tooze “Slouching” Review in þe FT, &

Recovery & Inflation: Rowing Between Scylla & Charybdis

A Comment on Kevin Drum’s “Technical Preface”...

A Thoughtful & Critical Review of “Slouching” by Kevin Drum!, &

Kevin Drum: Reviews "Slouching Towards Utopia"

"Progress Studies”!, &

Andrew Keen: Interviews Brad DeLong on “Slouching Towards Utopia"

Mu-Jeung Yang: REVIEW of “Slouching Towards Utopia” at Amazon

Very Good Reviews of “Slouching Towards Utopia" from People Who Are Not My Friends! Department

You’ve Been Played!, &

On My Mind...

On þe Natural Rate of Inflation, &

Back to þe Future wiþ “Þe Verge"!, &

Graham Culbertson Interviews Brad DeLong About "Slouching Towards Utopia" on Everyday Anarchism

PODCAST: "Hexapodia" is þe Key Insight! XLII: "Slouching Towards Utopia"—Brad's New Book Edition

Michael Spagat: Reviewing "Slouching Towards Utopia" & Defending þe Honor of Norman Angell on Twitter

READING: Robert Brenner: Þe Low Countries in þe Transition to Capitalism

Slouching Towards Utopia—MOAR Interviews

Joseph Shieber: Review of "Slouching Towards Utopia" in "Three Quarks Daily"

Diane Coyle: Review of "Slouching Towards Utopia" at Þe Enlightened Economist

READING: Paul Krugman: Review of “Slouching Towards Utopia” (from June 28, 2002)

Þe Slouching Towards Utopia Book Launch Effort Continues, &

Slouching Towards Utopia at KPFA

Slouching Towards Utopia at Þe Resolution Foundation with Torsten Bell

Jeremiah Johnson: The Neoliberal Podcast

Slouching Towards Utopia at HEDG Hosts

Slouching Towards Utopia at Chris Meissner’s Class at U.C. Davis

Slouching Towards Utopia at Friendly City Books

Slouching Towards Utopia at PIIE

Slouching Towards Utopia at IMHOS

Javier Mejia: Podcast on “Slouching Towards Utopia”

Slouching Towards Utopia: Sean Carroll Mindscape Podcast

Slouching Towards Utopia: Berkeley Social Science Matrix

Noah Smith: Review of “Slouching Towards Utopia” at "Noahpinion"

Paul Krugman: Twitter Review/Critique of “Slouching Towards Utopia”, & Response

Jim Buhler: Review of “Slouching Towards Utopia"

READING: Emmanuel Goldstein: Þe Theory & Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

Blum Center “Slouching” Q&A, &

New York Times Bestselling Book "Slouching Towards Utopia”, &

“I Have Written… Not… a Careerist Ticket-Punch or… a Performance to Win Applause in þe Moment…”, &

Our Ancestors Thought We'd Build an Economic Paradise. Instead We Got 2022, &

A Note on "Industrial Policy”, &

London Economist Review of “Slouching Towards Utopia”, &

READING: Robert Solow's Review of Cohen & Zysman’s “Manufacturing Matters"

Sketch of a Presentation for þe Book Launch Event

Nick Lichtenberg Interviews Brad DeLong, &

Mindscape Podcast wiþ Sean Carroll, &

Why Can’t We All Be <strike>Rich</strike> Happy?, &

Why Do People Think $10,000 of Student Loan Forgiveness Is a Bad Idea?, &

PODCAST: "Hexapodia" is þe Key Insight! XLI: Inflation & Its Vicissitudes

Twenty-Five Theses on þe World-Historical Importance of 1870, &

Rakesh Bhandari Challenges Me on þe Fall of þe New Deal & Rise of þe Neoliberal Order

On Ryan Avent’s Meditations on Trumpism, &

BRIEFLY NOTED: FOR 2022-08-19 Fr

Tim Burke Is Profoundly Annoyed by AHA President James Sweet, &

On Gerstle’s “Þe Rise & Fall of þe New Deal & Neoliberal Orders”

“Slouching” Nominated for Best Business Book of þe Year, by þe “Financial Times”, &

I Now Have a Problem Assigning Take-Home Short-Answer Questions

Understanding Karl Marx

Monthly CPI Inflation at???... ZERO!, &

PODCAST: "Hexapodia" is þe Key Insight! XL: Coming to America Immigration Edition

A Useful Background Document from þe Democrats!, &

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES (2015): Albert Hirschman’s Linkages, Economic Growth, & Hopes for Future "Convergence"

Economists Assemble in Support of þe IRA, &

1870-1914: Was Civil Society on þe Side of þe Angels?, &

Marginally Governable America: CHIPS, IRA, & Biden's Powers of Persuasion

Cohen & DeLong: Concrete Economics: Þe Hamilton Approach to American Economic Policy

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2022-07-29 Fr

PODCAST: "Hexapodia" is þe Key Insight! XXXIX: Bidenomics Industrial Policy Edition: CHIPS & IRA

Reading Gershberg & Illing: Þe Paradox of Democracy: Free Speech, Open Media, & Perilous Persuasion

READING: Þe Ur-Text of þe Neoliberal Turn: My Teacher Marty Feldstein (1980)

Mehmet Oz Defenestrates Trump, &

READING: Harry Jaffa (1959): Lincoln in þe Mid-1800s Wresting America from Its Þen-Probable Future of Herrenvolk Democracy

Into þe Metaverse!, &, OUTTAKE: Economic Policy: Contra von Hayek, Industrial Market Economies Do Not & Cannot Manage Themselves, &

From þe Cutting Room Floor: A Prologue to “Slouching Towards Utopia”, &

Trying to Take "Modes of Production" Seriously

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2022-07-21 Th

Brad DeLong’s History of Economic Growth Catechism, Part II

Brad DeLong’s History of Economic Growth Catechism, Part I

Unsatisfactory Musings on þe Rise of þe Neoliberal Order

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2022-07-17 Su

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2022-07-16 Sa

READING: Hamilton's Opinion of Burr

"Slouching Towards Utopia", If Published Two Decades Ago

Well, Well, Well: July 13, 2022 Was a Very Good Day for þe Book "Slouching Towards Utopia"

¶ 13-19: Introduction: My Grand Narrative: Slouching Towards Utopia: Notes & Long Notes

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2022-07-12 Tu

MORNING PROCRASTINATION: Leon Trotsky, Leszek Kolakowski, & Edmund Wilson Edition

READING: Leszek Kolakowski: On Trotsky in Exile

In What Sense Was þe Pre-Industrial Economy “Malthusian”?, &

READING: Cosma þe Gellnerian

READING: Ernest Gellner Replies to Critics: On Nationalism, & on Transiting from Agraria to Modernity

Fed Overreacting?, & þe Post-1870 Speed of Transformation & Its Consequences, &

An Earlier DRAFT Version of My “Singularity in Our Past Light Cone” Meditation from “Slouching Towards Utopia”, &

READING: Mark Elvin: China's Ming-Qing Mercantile-Malthusian High-Level Equilibrium Trap

READING: Fernand Braudel: "Efflorescences" in West Eurasia since -100

My Never-Published Review of Eric Hobsbawm’s "Þhe Age of Extremes", &

READING: Searching for a Montgomery County, MD, Condo

READING: Perhaps þe Most Remarkable Description of Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg, & Its Aftermath, Ever

Þe Coup Plan for January 6

I Really Like Oded Galor’s Very Good & Very Brand-New "Þe Journey of Humanity: Þe Origins of Wealth & Inequality", &

Paul Krugman Reviews My “Slouching Towards Utopia”, &

History: God’s Eye, Worm’s Eye, & Intermediate Levels, &

Why 20th Century History Was so Different þan All Previous History, &

A Brief Note on Friedrich Engels (1884) on þe Relative Autonomy of þe State, & Worthy ¶s

Some Comments on þe ¶s of “Slouching Towards Utopia” Þt Discuss þe World’s 2.1%/Year Post-1870 Average Proportional Technology Growth Rate, &

Inflation, & Worþy ¶s

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: Cory Doctorow Explains þe Cognition-of-Fiction to Us, &

Is Þere a “Web3”?, &

Counterfactual Steampunk & Oþer Worlds, &

¶ 10, 11, & 12: Introduction: My Grand Narrative: Slouching Towards Utopia: Notes & Long Notes

My Grand Narrative in “Slouching Towards Utopia”: Snippets of Text, wiþ Commentary, &

Þe Crypto Grifts Continue…, &

My Very First Talk on: Slouching Towards Utopia: An Economic History of þe 20th Century

Yet Anoþer Yet Anoþer Attempt at a Better “Slouching Towards Utopia” Elevator Pitch, &

¶ 7, 8, & 9: Introduction: My Grand Narrative: Slouching Towards Utopia: Notes & Long Notes

¶ 4, 5, & 6: Introduction: My Grand Narrative: Slouching Towards Utopia: Notes & Long Notes

Where Is My Political Party?, &

Þe Federal Reserve Will Move on Wednesday. What Will/Should It Do?, &

Yet Anoþer Attempt at a Better “Slouching Towards Utopia” Elevator Pitch…, &

Sourcing þe Energy for NIMBYism, &

In þe Generations After 1870, All Þt Is Solid Does Melt into Air, &

¶ 3: Introduction: My Grand Narrative: Slouching Towards Utopia: Notes & Long Notes

¶ 2: Introduction: My Grand Narrative: Slouching Towards Utopia: Notes & Long Notes

¶ 1: Introduction: My Grand Narrative: Slouching Towards Utopia: Notes & Long Notes

Þe Federal Reserve Did Not '‘Drink þe Kool-Aid’ in 2021, &

China’s Likely Trajectory in Xi Jinping’s Third Term, &

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: Musings on Ancient Empires

Þe Stakes at Salamis, &

For Appeasement in Ukraine, &

Þe Stomach of Mycenæan Civilization

Fine-Graining Technological Progress, &

"Slouching Towards Utopia" Cover

Þe Clinton-Era Assault Weapons Ban, &

Trying to Stir þe Pot for “Slouching Towards Utopia”

PODCAST: "Hexapodia" is þe Key Insight! XXXVIII: Crypto & "Web3"

Tesla’s Valuation(s), &

Filing Cabinet...

A Monologue: What I Have Learned About Education from þe Plague Years, &

A Semi-Fictitious Dialogue on a Better Elevator Pitch for “Slouching Towards Utopia'“…, &

On ‘Mock-Eliminationist’ Rhetoric as a Strategy of Persuasion, &

Þe Discontents with Liberalism: A Check-in, &

READING: Quotes & Such from Frank Fukuyama: "Liberalism & Its Discontents"

Anoþer, Somewhat Different Elevator Pitch for “Slouching Towards Utopia”, &

Would Somebody Please Tell Me What Number I Should Pencil in for þe “Natural Rate of Inflation”?, &

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: John Kenneth Galbraith

Optimal Control & þe Optimistic Inflation Forecasts from þe Bond Market, &

Wonders of þe Invisible Crypto World, &

On Hannah Arendt, Modernity, & Fascism, &

Tankies Gonna Tank, &

Slouching Towards Utopia: Elevator Pitches & Potential Op-Eds

International Relations Has a Bad Mearsheimer Problem, &

Why I Like Substack, & þe New York Times, Mendaciously Talking Its Book Again, &

Larry Summers Was Right (Rather, More Right þan Wrong), &

READING: Winston Churchill: Iron Curtain Speech

Still on Team “Þe Fed Has Got Þis”, &

READING: H.L. Mencken (December 1933): On Adolf Hitler

Will þe Ukrainian Army Hold in Its East?, &

Marking My View of þe Macroeconomic Outlook to Market, &

Elliptically Answering a Question About My “Slouching Towards Utopia”, &

Inflation & Structural Adjustment, &

Þt Putin’s Attack on Ukraine May Trigger a European Recession Is Not þe Most Important Thing, &

READINGS: Paul Romer: Mathiness: II: Þe Fork in Growth Theory

Time to Post My 675-Word Elevator Pitch for “Slouching Towards Utopia”, &

Paul Krugman Joins Team We’re-at-&-Probably-Above-Full-Employment, &

Higher Education & þe Public Sphere as ??? Institutions, &

READING: Secretary of State Dean Acheson's Early 1950 "Asia Perimeter" Speech

READING: From Lenin: "State & Revolution"

READING: Why William L. Shirer Spent þe 1960s Thinking About Interwar France

A Note on Housing Unaffordability in America, &

Time for Another Victory Lap by þe Fed (& þe Biden Administration!), &

Question: How “Cleft” Is Ukraine TODAY?, &

PODCAST: "Hexapodia" is þe Key Insight! XXXVII: A Meta-Podcast on the Ezra Klein Show, Larry Summers Edition; or, The Inflation Outlook Again

Quotes I Found Interesting from Ezra Klein & Larry Summers on þe Ezra Klein Show

READING: Adam Smith Grapples—Not Terribly Successfully—wiþ General Equilibrium in a Malthusian Economic-Growth Context

A Quick Glance at Ancient Greece, &

READING: Reactions to Lord Dunmore's 1775 Proclamation

Glory Liu on þe Adam Smith Americans Have Imagined, &

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: Two Months Before þe Mast of Post-Modernism

A Flaw in My Plan to Get & Stay in þe Work Zone Before Lunch, &

PROJECT SYNDICATE: America's Macroeconomic Outlook

READING: General McAuliffe at Bastogne

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: After World War I: Weber & Keynes

Continuing to Flog My Forthcoming Book: "Slouching Towards Utopia", September 6, Basic Books, &

Macroeconomic Outlook Slides

Vines & Fig Trees for All!, &

First: Six Episodes of U.S. Inflation Above 5%/Year in þe 1900s, &

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2021-05-13 Th

Saturday March 19, 2022

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2021-05-10 Mo, & Anti-Anti Tory Little-Englandism

Cory Doctorow on How Weblogging Made His Brain What It Is Today; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2021-05-16 Su

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: Review of Richard Evans: "Lying About Hitler"

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2021-05-11 Tu

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2021-05-11 Tu

INTERVIEW: Inflation Concerns in þe US Following Secretary Treasury Janet

PODCAST: Hexapodia XIV: Þe Capital Gains Tax

DeLongTODAY: China Stands Up: 1978-2020: Part III: China Policy

MacBookPro Brought to Its Knees at Last!, & þe Stupidity of Believing þt “Intelligence” Is a One-Dimensional “g” Even in Machines, Let Alone in Brains, &

Blurbs for My Forthcoming “Slouching Towards Utopia”, &

No, þe Fed Is Not (Far) Behind þe Curve!, &

PODCAST: "Hexapodia" is þe Key Insight! XXXVI: Four Lost Cities, by Annalee Newitz

Real Stagflation? My Odds Now More than 50-50, &

Monetary & Fiscal Policy in a Low-Interest Rate Economy, &

SubStack iOS App Turns Out to Be, for Me, a Remarkably Useful Short Podcast Player & Generator, &

PODCAST: "Hexapodia" is þe Key Insight! XXXV: Putin's Surprise Attack on Ukraine, wiþ Special Guest Kamil Galeev

One Video: Yuriy Gorodnichenko on "Inflation Expectations", &

A Great Labor Report!

DOCUMENT: Franklin Delano Roosevelt's First Inaugural Address

Microprocessors as a Leading Sector

Þe Thin Gruel of Monetary-Policy Discussion Þese Days

Georgia Senate Candidates Against Factories in Georgia

Modern Tactics & þe Red Army in Ukraine

What Muscovy Had Thought Would Have Happened by Now...

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: European Union: A Talk from 2013

Þe Federal Reserve Continues to Look Like It Has It...

READING: Karl Polanyi: Þe Hundred-Years' Peace

Yurii Gorodnichenko: Day of Infamy

For an Expansive Definition of "Malthusian"

Sleepwalking into History

“47% of Americans Are Freeloaders Who Pay No Income Taxes!”

Yes, Hayek's Macro Is Bonkers. Why Do You Ask?

“Slouching Towards Utopia”, cont.

Have Harald Uhlig & Company Read Lisa Cook’s Paper at All? Answer: No

Why, Þis Is COVID. Nor Are We Over It

How Much Wealthier Are We Today þan Our Counterparts of the Past

PROJECT SYNDICATE: Economic Bridge Building

Þe Fed Has Done an Amazing Job!

Free Speech, vs. Free Profiting-by-Lying by Spotify

Red-State Successful Industrial Policy as Oxymoron

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