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Is America Today Really No More Unequal Economic Class-Wise than It Was in 1960?

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-12-29 Sa

Now Is This Winter of Our Crypto Discontent Turned to Glorious Summer by... Niall Ferguson?

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-12-26 Tu

New Year 2024 Paid Subscription Sale!

Cyrus the Persian, Anointed of the LORD, & the Making of the Bible

An Appreciation of: Ernst Gellner: "Plough, Sword, & Book: The Structure of Human History"

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-12-23 Sa

The Fed’s Remarkable Feat


The Fed Is Now Behind the Curve in Beginning the Easing Phase of Its Cycle: Six-Month PCE Inflation at Target: 1.9% per Year

The Expectations Debate Again: Why I Think That It Is Likely We Would Still Have an Inflation Problem If Jay Powell Had Not Acted in 2022

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-12-20 We

Morning Notes on December 19, 2023 on the Inflation Debate

Are There Any Full Turing-Class Entities in the House?

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-12-18 Mo

DRAFT: The Federal Reserve Deserves Respect!

READING: Cyrus: Cylinder

Musings on Manufacturing's Delaborization, & Development Strategy for the Next Two Generations

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-12-15 Fr

HOISTED FROM THE INTERNET OF LONG AGO: Cosma Shalizi (2010): The Singularity in Our Past Light-Cone

I Was on "Team Transitory": My Historical Perspective Made Me Smarter

Where Asymptote?: Trying to Think About GPT-LLM-ML

REPOSTED: SubStackers Against Nazis

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-12-13 We

TEACHING NOTE: E.P. Thompson & "The Making of the English Working Class"

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-12-09 Sa

PODCAST: Hexapodia LV: The Forthcoming Successful Development of the Asia Circle, & Dehyperglobalization

Soft Landing Touchdown: The Macro Sitch as of the Start of December 2023

No: I Do Not Grasp the Five Dimensions of the Societal Impacts of Forthcoming GPT-LLM-ML Technologies

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-12-03 Su

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-12-01 Fr

Grasping Reality Here & Now, a Quarter of the Way Through the 2000s

Elon Musk Today Claims Wealth Equal to 2.5 Million Times Median Household Income; His Predecessor Daniel Ludwig in 1982 Claimed Only 85 Thousand Times

Successful Future Humanities Programs Will Be Those That Provide High Literacy & Deep Numeracy

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-11-28 Tu

NOTE TO SELF: Interesting Economic-History Job-Market Papers

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-11-24 Fr

Background: The OpenAI Coup: Mistaking the Deployment of a Hallucinatory Stochastic-Part ChatBot for the Trump of Doom

Are Index Funds Making the Economy Less Fair?

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-11-19 Su

HOISTED FROM THE ARCHIVES: Why you should be happy about inflation and worried about something else, top economist Brad DeLong says

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-11-17 Fr

READING: Istvan Hont: How to Write Brilliant Essays

Notes for DeLong, Forbes, & Kohn "Probing for Full Employment" Panel

If You Are Just on the "National Review" Mailing List, This Is the Kind of Thing It Sends You

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-11-15 We

Yesterday Was the Release Date for Martha Wells's New MurderBot Novel, "System Collapse"

DRAFT: The Societal Logic of “Modes of Production” I: From Feudal-Agrarian to Applied-Science Society

DRAFT: Why Do Homeowners Tend to Think They Deserve Strong Housing-Price Appreciation?

DRAFT: Why the New and Sharp Disjunction Between the State of the Economy & Consumer Sentiment?

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-11-11 Sa

The Hinge of Human History: 1870

Sub-Turing BradBot I :: Chat-GPT-4-Turbo

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-11-09 Th

PROJECT SYNDICATE: The Attention Economy Goes to Court

When Is It a Depression & Not a Rolling Sectoral Readjustment Rotation?

HOISTED FROM THE ARCHIVES: BioCultural Human Evolution & Its Implications for History & Society

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-11-05 Su

This Really Is What a Macroeconomic Soft Landing Would Look Like

It Is Not Properly Called "Technofeudalism". But What Is It?

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-11-03 Fr

A Useful & Human Grand Narrative for the 21st Century

Chat-GPT as Clever Hans Once Again

Identity Politics Meets College Politics With Predictably Stupid, Immoral Results

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-10-31 Tu

DRAFT: Diana Henriques: Taming the Street

Feminist Impulses

Marco Becht Presents: Voice Through Divestment

POSSIBLE COURSE UNIT: High Patriarchy & the History of Underdevelopment

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-10-28 Sa

READING: F.T. Marinetti: Futurist Manifesto

DRAFT CLARIFICATION OF THOUGHT: Historical "Effective" Male & Female Human Population Sizes, & What They Mean

BOOK SUMMARY: Manville & Ober: "The Civic Bargain: How Democracy Survives"

REVIEW: Manville & Ober: "The Civic Bargain: How Democracy Survives"

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-10-25 We

What Does Hornbeck & Logan's $1.44 Billion "Aggregate Economic Gain" from Emancipation Really Mean?

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-10-23 Mo

Recent on SubStack NOTES:

In Which I Direct You to Unfinished Piece on Techno-Optimism by John Quiggin, & a Semi-Finished Piece by Noah Smith

NOTES ON: Christopher J. Berry: The Idea of Commercial Society in the Scottish Enlightenment

Engels & Marx as Epigones of Adam Smith the Historical-Materialist Stage Theorist

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-10-19 Th

What Is the Ten-Year Real Rate Going to Be? II: Peering at the Future Fundamentals of the Flow-of-Funds Supply-Demand Balance

READING: Du Fu: Ballad of the Army Wagons

What Is the Ten-Year Real Rate Going to Be? I: How We Got Here

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-10-15 Su

I Do Not Believe There Are Any Just Wars to Be Waged in the Middle East

The Economic Anxiety Explanation of Fascism Is Wrong

READING: On Kevin Phillips in 1968; by Garry Wills, from his "Nixon Agonistes: The Crisis of the Self-Made Man"

When Conservatives Undermine National Security

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-10-12 Th

PODCAST: Hexapodia LIV: We Go Off Message with Special Guest Brian Beutler

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-10-10 Tu

Now in Print: My Review of "Taming the Street" & "The Problem of 12"

Michael Lewis Definitely Does Not Understand How to Play the Probabilities—or Even Read the Evidence

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-10-06 Fr

After 30 Years, the Bond Market Vigilantes Are Back!

There are Complex-Number One-Norm Square-Root of Probability Amplitudes of 0.006 in Which Sam Bankman-Fried Is Happy

What the Hell Happened in the US House of Representatives?

Afterthoughts on Slouching Towards Utopia

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-10-04 We

Brief Musings on Economists, Economic Ideas, & the Cold War

A Note of Puzzlement on Kevin McCarthy's Strategy

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-09-30 Sa

It Appears We Are Almost at the End of the Glidepath to an Inflation Soft Landing...

1. Guesstimating Typical Living Standards in the Agrarian Age

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-09-28 Th

Worth Teaching "Efflorescences & Dark Ages" in a History-of-Economic-Growth Unit?

PROJECT SYNDICATE: America's Broken Civic Bargain

Reinvested-Portfolios Wealth Accumulations Starting in 1870

Identity Politics:

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-09-25 Mo

"Civic Friendship": The Baseline Requirement for Democracy, & Incompatible with the Financial Flows Underpinning the Republican Ecology

TICKLER/HOISTED: Philosophy of Probability—Something I Really Should Get Back to

What World Is Brian Buetler Living in?

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-09-22 Fr

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-09-19 Tu

This (2023-09-18 Mo) Lunchtime in Ann Arbor! Free Sandwiches! (While Supplies Last)

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-09-17 Su

Jeet Heer Reads Ex-"New Republic" Owner Marty Peretz wiþ a Certain Schadenfreude

PODCAST: Hexapodia LIII: Rule #1: No Schmittposting!

READINGS: Preliminary Food for Thought for Þs Morning's "Hexapodia" Taping

2023-09-15 Fr: NOT YET FINISHED: Ethno-Domination Conservatism vs. Cosmo-Plutocratic Conservatism

2023-09-15 Fr: NOT YET FINISHED: READING: Ethno-Dominionist Conservatives vs. Pro-Plutocrat Conservatives

How Is Our Current State Different from What We Would See in a Successful Inflation Soft Landing?

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-09-14 Th

BRIEFLY NOTED: FOR 2023-09-12 Tu

The Puzzle of Properly Regulating American Finance

What Kind of Trade-&-Technology "Cold War" Should We Here in þe United States Be Trying to Fight?

BRIEFLY NOTED: FOR 2023-09-10 Su

About This SubStack

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-09-07 Th

NOT YET FINISHED: Musings on Recent Macroeconomic Events since 2000

Stochastic Parrots Do Not Understand Þt Hexapodia Is, in Fact, þe Key Insight

READING: Franklin Ford: Robe & Sword: Þe Regrouping of þe French Aristocracy After Louis XIV

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: Racism as a Way of Easing Stepping-Away from þe Egalitarian Presumptions of Utilitarianism

PODCAST: Hexapodia LII: Growth, Development, China, the Solow Model, & the Future of South & Southeast Asia

How Much of a Courtier Is Walter Isaacson Þese Days?

BRIEFLY NOTED 2023-09-04 Tu

Þe Real Job Growth Number for August Is: 77,000

Federal Reserve Jawboning Tightens a Notch in August

BRIEFLY NOTED: FOR 2023-08-31 Th

DRAFT: "Slouching Towards Utopia": Reply to Social Science-History Association Commenters

DRAFT: What Is Going on wiþ China’s Economy?

Nvidia’s Moment

BRIEFLY NOTED: FOR 2023-08-28 Mo

How Strong Are þe Economy's Equilibrium-Restoring Forces?

DRAFT: How Can We Deal wiþ Zombie Neoliberal Ideas?

BRIEFLY NOTED: FOR 2023-08-25 Fr

DRAFT: Þe Plague Years Have Made Me More Optimistic About þe Future of þe Global Economy

Þe Short Room...

Are at Least Some of Us About to Replace "Programming" wiþ "Invocation"?

Understanding þe Current Stance of U.S. Monetary Policy

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-08-23 We

Macroeconomic Outlook Basecamp Page

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: Jupyter Notebook Programming Dos and Don'ts

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-08-21 Mo

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: Þe Barrington Moore Problematic & Its Discontents

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-08-16 We

READING: Eric Hobsbawm in 1962 on þe "Dual Revolution", 1789-1848

Þe “lumpenproletariat”, þe “dangerous class”, þe “social scum” of þe 1800s

PODCAST: Hexapodia LI: Begun, Þe Attack on Biden Industrial Policy Has!

Beveridge Curve Slope Missing in Action...

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-08-14 Mo

FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: Golden Age of Weblogging: 2003-08-10, -11, -12, & -13

FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: Thrown Against þe Wall on þe Proto-Weblog in November-December 1996...

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-08-11 Fr

Hexapodia L: Why Is Such a Good Economy Seen as Bad?

HOISTED FROM THE ARCHIVES: Six Episodes of U.S. Inflation Above 5%/Year in the 1900s

Viewing Sparta, & Ancient Society More Generally

FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: Productivity Growth Optimism, & Oþer Topics

I Seem to Have Missed þe 25th Anniversary of My Weblog

Public-Sphere Networks & Þe SubStack Bosses' Latest Pratfall-Flirtation

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-08-07 Mo

PROJECT SYNDICATE: Investment Theory in Practice

READING: Lissauer (1914): "Þe Hymn of Hate Against ENGLAND"; & Zweig: "The World of Yesterday"

NOTE TO SELF: I Seem to Have Brushed by Richard Hanania Twice

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-08-05 Sa

PODCAST: Vital Center: Reflections on "Slouching Towards Utopia"

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-08-02 We

VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS: Þe Revolutions of 1848, "Controlling þe Gold", Overthrowing Governments, & þe Rothschild Dynasty

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-08-01 Mo

REVIEW: Martin Turkis on "Slouching Towards Utopia"

REVIEW: Anthony Annett: A New Social Democracy?

DRAFT: Why Have Superhigh Long-Run Stock Returns in America Persisted?

Really: Þere Are Real Nazis Here

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-07-28 Fr

Grokking þe History of Antiquity: Ancient Stories of Élites Already More þan Half-Transformed into Myth

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-07-25 Tu

You Are Interacting wiþ a GPT LLM Having a Conversation wiþ You in Precisely þe Same Sense Þt You Have a Relationship wiþ a Harvard University Þt Likes, & Is Grateful to You

Þe "Herbert Hoover" Passages from "Slouching Towards Utopia"

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-07-23 Su

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-07-20 Th

READING: "Turkestan" & "Aristoi"

One of My Favorite Pieces from "Slouching Towards Utopia"

Þe "Semiconductor" Section from "Slouching Towards Utopia"

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-07-16 Su

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES (2015): Black Swans Roosting in Trees on Dunsinane Hill Blogging

Passing 20,000 Total Subscribers Milestone Sale!

"Coercive" States, & Judging Among þe Nations

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-07-13 Th

Does Thunder Have a Red Beard?

The Modern World Reconceived

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-07-10 Mo

Teaser for ACE Conference Keynote: Title: "Þe 20th Century"

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-07-08 Sa

Hexapodia XLIX: We Cannot Tell in Advance Which Technologies Are Labor-Augmenting & Which Are Labor-Replacing

Did Anyone on DeSantis's Campaign Actually Watch "American Psycho" (or "Wolf of Wall Street"? I Am Afraid þe Answer Is "Yes"

& þe Paperback of "Slouching Towards Utopia" Is Out in the UK!

BRIEFLY NOTED: 2023-07-05 We

My SubStack Now Has More Readers þan þe Previous Weblog Ever Did

Interest-Rate Increases Have Not Materially Cooled Housing Construction!?!?

Ensorcelled by þe Devil of Malthus

BRIEFLY NOTED: 2023-07-01 Sa

What I Wish I Had Said at: Reinvent: A Meeting of þe Minds on þe Positive Possibilities of Gen AI

NOTE TO SELF: Optimal Ex-Post Stock-Market Leverage

BRIEFLY NOTED: 2023-06-28 We

READING: Erich Auerbach: "Mimesis": from Sicharius & Chramnesindus

Time to Ride or Die for Larry Fink!

American Upper Middle-Class Existence & Its "Discontents[?]"

BRIEFLY NOTED: 2023-06-25 Su

Yes, Adriana Kugler Would Make a Very Good Federal Reserve Governor

I Did Not Have February 1917 on My 2023 Bingo Card...

BRIEFLY NOTED: 2023-06-23 Fr

PODCAST: “Hexapodia” is þe Key Insight! XLVIII: The "Late-Antiquity Pause"

SubStack Now Has a Referral Program...

Yes. Rome Did Fall

Þe Music to þe Zombie Dance of Human Society Changes Its Key

What Is Right & What Is Wrong in "Slouching Towards Utopia": Venkatesh Rao's View

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-06-20 Tu

Theses on China, þe U.S., Political-Economic Systems, Global Value Chains, & þe Relationship

READING: Marc Andreessen (2014): Why Bitcoin Matters (excerpts)

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-06-17 Sa

How Did I Get too Online? Þe Story

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-06-16 Fr

Note to Self: Producer Price Index Inflation Ended a Year Ago

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-06-14 We

Good Headline, Disappointing Core Inflation Numbers Þis Morning

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: Luigi Zingales: How to Resist Trump

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-06-12 Mo

Guns, Germs, Steel, Coal, Slavery, Seaborne Empires, Peninsulas, Mountain Ranges, Rainfall, & Chance: Jared Diamond's "Guns, Germs, & Steel" After Twenty-Five Years

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-06-10 Sa

Policy for Inflation Control: Conte, Kane, & Litan's American Lyceum Project

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-06-08 Th

PROJECT SYNDICATE: Can America Escape Its Second Gilded Age?

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-06-06 Tu

Nepotism Special: Across þe Spider-Verse

Trying to Think Through Our Crisis of Liberal Democracy, Part I

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-06-03 Sa

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-06-02 Fr

DRAFT: Bringing Our Unfortunate Second Gilded Age to an End?

After þe Steampower Economy...

"Spiderman: Across þe Spiderverse" Is Hitting It Out of þe Park...

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-30 Tu

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: Keynes, Marx, Trotsky, Yglesias

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-29 Mo

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-28 Su

Þe Grift Is Very Strong in Ron DeSantis—and in Elon Musk & David Sacks

Open letter to Jeffrey Sachs on the Russia-Ukraine war

Down þe Id of þe Internet wiþ Stable Diffusion & Camera

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-25 Th

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-23 Tu

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-21 Su

Two Roberts Lucas: March 2009 & August 2009

DRAFT New Preface to "Concrete Economics: The Hamiltonian Approach to Economic Management & Policy"

Enlarging the Bounds of Human Empire: A History of Economic Growth

CORRECTION: Debt Ceiling

CORRECTED & UPDATED: Thanks to Josh Barro: Debt Ceiling: What Are þe Fallback Threat Points in þe Case of "No Deal"?

Time to Remind All Slackers to Buy "Slouching Towards Utopia"

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-17 We

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-15 Mo

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-13 Sa

Our Current Moderate Inflation Is Just Not a Truly Serious Problem

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-11 Th

First Republic Falls, & What Happens to Banking Next

Breaking Twitter

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-09 Tu

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-08 Mo

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-07 Su

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: In 2005-2013, þe Long-Run Came First, & þe Short-Run Came Later

Print the Perpetual (Consol) Bond

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-06 Sa

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-03 We

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-02 Tu

I Had Been Unaware of How Common People Are Who Claim Chat-GPT5 Will Be "Emergent" & Will "Generalize" & Be Nearly "AGI"

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-05-01 Mo

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-28 Fr

Inflation Debate Talking Points

Preservation Award for Holgate House Restoration & Addition

Neoliberalism’s Final Stronghold

A Plea to Chad Orzel (or Anybody Else) for Help wiþ þe Foundations of Quantum Mechanics!

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-26 We

"Slouching Towards Utopia": Excerpt at þe Milken Review

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-25 Tu

Worshipping at the Cold Altars of Neoliberalism

BRIEFLY NOTED: FOR 2023-04-24 Mo

DeLong Base Camp

Slouching Podcasts Basecamp Page

Macroeconomic Outlook Basecamp Page

SubTuringBradBot Basecamp Page

Asking SubTuringBradBot 1.01 About Swallow Speed, the Devil of Malthus, & John Maynard Keynes

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-21 Fr

My Introduction to My Class on "New Deal & Neoliberal Orders"

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-19 We

Educating Future Bureaucrats for an Age of Activist Industrial Policy; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-18 Tu

MICROBLOGGING: How to Put Sand in þe Gears of Outrage Clickbait?; & Þe Potential Failure Mode of Substack Notes

CHIPS Act Lurching Forward; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-17 Mo

SubStack's Dilemma; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-15 Sa


Reviewing Charlie Maier’s Þe Project State & Its Rivals; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-14 Fr

NOTE TO SELF: Looking Inside þe Operation of SubTuringBradBot 1.0

My Inflation Outlook as of 2022-04-12 We; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-12 We

HOISTED FROM ÞE ARCHIVES: Why Do Economists Ignore þe Greatest of All Market Failures?

What Kind of Future Do SubStack & Twitter Have?; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-10 Mo

NOTE TO SELF: Turning Up þe Temperature in Chat-GPT

SubStack “Notes” Is About to Be a Thing, Perhaps…; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-09 Su

Very Brief Notes on Forms of Human Organization, & c.; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-08 Sa

Introduction to the “Post-1870 Political Economy” Unit of Econ 135: The History of Economic Growth; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-07 Fr

Continuing to Waste Time by Trying to Understand ChatBots; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-05 We

"Honor" as One of Eight Modes of Human Social Organization; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-03 Mo

No, I Do Not Think þe Microprocessor Doomed Social Democracy; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-04-02 Su

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-29 We

DRAFT: For My Wednesday Night Lecture: Social Theory for þe 21st Century

My Recent Interviews Reveal Growing Optimism: On þe "Pitchfork Economics" Podcast; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-26 Su

Notes, Not so & Briefly Noted: For 2023-03-25 Sa

Continuing to Worry at þe Chat-GPT4 Issue, as If I Were a Dog, & It an Old Shoe

Silicon Valley’s Loss of Assibayah; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-21 Tu

MICROBLOGGING: Þe Nature of French Régimes in þe 1800s; & Oþer Topics to Be Added...

Brad DeLong on þe Human Condition in þe Long 20th Century; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-20 Mo

PODCAST: Keen On: Tom Keen & Brad DeLong Talk SVB Bank Collapse; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-19 Su

Welcome to "Modernity": A Comment on Living in Exponential Time; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-18 Sa

KV-Curious Podcast; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-17 Fr

Is Þere Someone Who Is a Reliable Narrator & Knows About Chile?: & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-16 Th

Testing Out Internet Search-Enabled Chat-GPT4

Unproductive & Productive Tech Bubbles: BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-14 Tu

Silicon Valley Bank: Monday Morning Quarterbacking, Moral-Philosophical Reflections, & an Extended Shakespeare Quote

READING: Now Why Did Joe Biden Pick Jay Powell Over Lael Brainard for Fed Chair, Again?

Saturday Night Thoughts on the Need for a Lender of Last Resort

Interviewed by Smart-Thinking Books; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-11 Sa

MICROBLOGGING: Was “Move Late But Fast” þe Right Strategy for þe Federal Reserve?; & Oþer Topics...

DRAFT: Review of "The Project-State & Its Rivals", by Charles Maier

FOCUS: ChatBotting with "The Project-State & Its Rivals", by Charlie Maier; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-08 We

Yes: Pre-Modern Economies Were Meaningfully "Malthusian" (Which Does Not Mean Incomes Were Stable); & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-07 Tu

DRAFT: Notes for Possibilities for an Afterword for the Paperback Edition of "Slouching Towards Utopia"

The Algorithm Society and Its Discontents; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-06 Mo

Q&A wiþ BradBot—So Far...

State of þe Macroeconomy; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-04 Sa

BradBot 0.4 Still Not Ready to Hold Office Hours; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-03 Fr

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-03-01 We

DRAFT: Waiting for the Algorithmic Society

DRAFT: Feeding Audio to Chat-GPT3 & Getting Reasonable Results; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-02-28 Tu

Do Internets Dream of Electric Sheep?; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-02-27 Mo

ECONOFACT PODCAST: The Long 20th Century: Material Progress, Rising Inequality, and the Elusive Utopia; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-02-26 Su

WEEK 7: Day 11 & Day 12: 4.2. The Uneven Spread of the Industrial Revolution; & 4.3. The Coming of Modern Economic Growth

WEEK 6: Day 9 & Day 10: 3.5. On the Eve of the Industrial Revolution. & 4. Modern Economic Growth. 4.1.Industrial Revolution Puzzles

WEEK 5: Day 7 & Day 8: 3. Cracking the Ice: Why the Hinge in 1870 in the Dover Circle?. 3.1. The Dover Circle. 3.2. Institutions. 3.3. Culture. 3.4. Psychology :: History of Economic Growth

WEEK 4: Day 6: 2.4. Slow Pre-Modern Technology Growth :: History of Economic Growth

WEEK 3: Days 4 & 5: 2.2 Efflorescences & Dark Ages; 2.3. Inequality & Domination :: History of Economic Growth

WEEK 2: Day 3: 2. Ensorcelled by the Devil of Malthus: 2.1. Malthusian Logics :: History of Economic Growth

WEEK 1: Days 1 & 2: 1. Introduction: Five Questions About Economic Growth :: History of Economic Growth

Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps?; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-02-25 Sa

"Slouching Towards Utopia" Sales Jump; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-02-24 Fr

DAY 10: Lecture Slides: 4. Modern Economic Growth; 4.1. Puzzles of the Industrial Revolution

DAY 9: Lecture Slides: 3.5. On the Eve of the Industrial Revolution

DAY 8: Lecture Slides: 3.3. Culture, & 3.4. Psychology

DAY 7: Lecture Slides: 3. Breaking Through: 3.1. The Dover Circle, & 3.2. “Institutions”

Conversations with Tyler: Brad DeLong on Intellectual and Technical Progress (Ep. 172)

Conversing wiþ Tyler Cowen; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-02-22 We

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-02-18 Sa

Slides for Day 5 of þe Graduate Economic History Course...

PROJECT SYNDICATE: A History of Economic Whac-A-Mole

<strike>Wasting Time</strike> Experimenting with GPT-3 ChatBots; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-02-13 Mo

Slides for Day 4 of þe Graduate Economic History Course...

Slides for Day 3 of þe Graduate Economic History Course...

Current "AI" Is Three Things: Less Inhuman & Less Stupid ChatBots, High-Dimensional Nonlinear Regression & Classification, & a Way to Separate Gullible VCs from Money; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-02-11


How þe Long 20th Century Transformed þe World; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-02-09 Th

Industrial Policy: From Engels to Eisenhower, & Beyond

REVISITED: How Worried Should We Be About Rising Inflation?; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-02-07 Tu

DAY 6: LECTURE NOTES: 2.4. Slow Pace of Innovation & Discovery Before Modern Economic Growth


PODCAST: “Hexapodia” is þe Key Insight! XLVII: “Polycrisis” Was Just the New Cold War All the Time!

VIDEO: Þe Market Giveth; Þe Market Taketh Away: Blessed Be þe Name of þe Market?; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-02-05 Su

Brad DeLong Flies His Orthodox Engelsist Freak Flag on Transformations in þe Mode of Production; & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-02-04 Sa

Utopia or Bust?, & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-02-03 Fr

David Chance: REVIEW of “Slouching” at

DRAFT: For My February Project Syndicate Column...

Project Syndicate: Say More

Five Things, & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-01-30 Mo

Þe Meaning of 1870: Þe Year Everything Changed

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-01-29 Su

Basic Books UK Runs a Joint Social-Media Promotion!, & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2022-01-27 Fr

Learning From Past Fights wiþ Inflation

Slides for Day 2 of þe Graduate Economic History Course...

DAY 5: LECTURE NOTES: 2.3. Inequality & Domination Before Modern Economic Growth

On Re-Meeting bCourses, UC Berkeley’s CMS, & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-01-24 Tu

Toward a Theory of þe Natural Rate of Inflation, & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-01-23 Mo

Zach Carter REVIEWS “Slouching” for “Dissent"

DRAFT: Þe First Inflation Problem of þe 21st Century

“West”, “North Atlantic”, or “Dover Circle-Plus”?, & BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-01-21 Sa

MICROBLOGGING: Caffeine Debt Spiral, & Þe FOMC Inches Toward “Þe Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves”

DAY 4: LECTURE NOTES: 2.2. Efflorescences & Dark Ages in þe Agrarian Age

DAY 3: LECTURE NOTES: 2. Ensorcelled by þe Devil of Malthus: 2.1. Þe Logic of þe Malthusian Economy

Slides for Day 1 of þe Graduate Economic History Course...

LECTURE NOTES: Lessons from Simulating a Malthusian Economy

Lecture Notes Basecamp Page

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Letter from Birmingham Jail

Readings for Econ 135 S 2023: History of Economic Growth

Hobbist & Lockeian Underlying Assumptions, & Adam Smith Thought, & BRIEFLY NOTED: for 2023-01-15 Su

It Is Harmful to My Psychological Health for Me to Read David Brooks, & BRIEFLY NOTED for 2023-01-13 Fr

Republicans Say: Democrats Must Be Responsible, & So Give Us an Advantageous Campaign Issue, & BRIEFLY NOTED

Chat-GPT: What Is It Good For?, & BRIEFLY NOTED

Steve Donoghue: REVIEW of “Slouching” at Open Letters Review

Playing wiþ Chat-GPT

PODCAST: “Hexapodia” is þe Key Insight! XLVI: Þe One Where We Talk About Everything, wiþ Special Guest Miles Kimball

Utopia & Its Enemies: Thomas Robert Malthus

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-01-09 Mo

READING: Victor Serge (1938): 1938 Preface to “Year One of the Russian Revolution"

DRAFT: Preliminary History-Oriented Throat-Clearing on American Industrial Policy

MICROBLOGGING: Semester-Launch Virtual Event: Liu, Soll, DeLong: "The Market Giveth; The Market Taketh Away: Blessed Be the Name of the Market?: From Cicero to Mitch McConnell, via Adam Smith"

BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2022-01-06 Fr

My Commentary on þe Beginning of “Slouching Towards Utopia”, & BRIEFLY NOTED

Þis by Noah Smith May Well Be Better þan Anything I Read in All 2022, & BRIEFLY NOTED

Welcome to þe New Cold War Thunderdome!, & BRIEFLY NOTED

Þe Deceptive "Thucydides Trap", & BRIEFLY NOTED

Creeping Academic Idiocy—Academic Freedom Edition, & BRIEFLY NOTED